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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shape of the pavers affect price?
In most cases no, although some manufacturers do charge for particular shapes.

Does the color of pavers affect price?
Yes it does. Lighter colored pavers in the pastel range(white base) are more expensive than the darker earth tone colors(grey base).

What is the difference between Grey and White base pavers?
Grey and white base refers to the type of cement used to manufacture the pavers. White cement is a more costly raw material.

Does the design or laying pattern affect the price?
No it does not, although if a custom design or pattern is desired there will be an additional labor charge.

What are 1" pavers used for?
1" pavers are used to remodel existing concrete surfaces like pool decks, patios and walkways. 1" pavers can be installed on driveways but we do not recommend it and can not warranty against cracking.

What are 2 3/8" pavers used for?
Primarily 2 3/8" pavers are used for new construction projects. In some circumstances they can be used for remodel when existing elevations permit.

Is one paver manufacturer better than another?
No, all paver manufacturers are required to meet industry specifications.

What is the typical lead time on pavers?
All of our manufacturers have different lead times on production. Some are as short as 4 weeks, while others can be as long as 14 weeks. Occasionally small orders(100-400sf.) can be found in stock. But remember, lead times are only estimated dates of production and R. Webber Inc. can not guarantee the availability of material.

How long will it take to complete the job?
Every job is different and has its own requirements to reach completion. But, on average most projects take 5-7 working days.

What is sealer and its advantages?
Sealer is a protective coating applied to the pavers. This coating helps prevent staining and fading of the pavers.

How often should you re-seal?
The first coating is most important because the majority of the sealer is absorbed by the brick. A second top coating can be applied in about 3 to 5 years, depending on sun exposure, to bring back its sheen.

When is it safe to use my pavers?
It is safe to use your pavers 24 hours after the sealer application.

What type of warranty is provided?
R. Webber Inc. provides you with a 1 year warranty on our installation. This covers settlement, spreading or anything pertaining to the installation. The pavers supplied to your project will have a warranty by the manufacturer.

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